How are Gender Differences Impacting Your Marriage?

“Why is My Husband so Thoughtless and Uncaring?” Many wives often find themselves asking this question. Their deepest wish is that their husbands will finally wake up and treat them like they truly care. For many women the desire to be loved and feel like the most important person in their partner’s life is at…
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The Fear of Being Yourself in Your Relationship

Fear and anxiety about being oneself often plays a significant role in people’s relationships. Oftentimes, however, we are not aware that we are holding parts of ourselves back. We have simply adapted to the relationship and learned to be a lesser version of ourselves. A husband, for example, may not really be aware that he…
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Why Couples Fight and How to Stop It

What to Do When Your Relationship Feels Like a Lot of Work: Relationships can be a lot of work, especially when hidden resentments remain unexpressed or when one or both partners begin to feel a lack of connection. Oftentimes such unexpressed needs or feelings can lead to a perpetual cycle of negativity where both partners…
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