The Fear of Being Yourself in Your Relationship

Fear and anxiety about being oneself often plays a significant role in people‚Äôs relationships. Oftentimes, however, we are not aware that we are holding parts of ourselves back. We have simply adapted to the relationship and learned to be a lesser version of ourselves. A husband, for example, may not really be aware that he…
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Why Couples Fight and How to Stop It

What to Do When Your Relationship Feels Like a Lot of Work: Relationships can be a lot of work, especially when hidden resentments remain unexpressed or when one or both partners begin to feel a lack of connection. Oftentimes such unexpressed needs or feelings can lead to a perpetual cycle of negativity where both partners…
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Emotion is the Music of Our Relationship

  A relationship is like a dance. One partner puts their feet in response to where the other puts theirs. And the tune we dance to is almost entirely made up of emotions... When one partner says: "Why do we never go on dates anymore?" they are communicating an emotion. Depending on their tone of…
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